5 latest features of Facebook 2020

Facebook is the world’s largest social network and has more than 3 billion daily users, and it is increasing very fastly in all around the world. so in this interesting article, I am going to tell you the 5 latest news about the Facebook

  1. Now Facebook Messenger lunch its own official desktop app

After a long time, now Facebook Messenger lunch its own official desktop app, which will be making very easier to message and video chat with friends from your desktop computer. The app is also now available for both windows and mac users you can download it from the Microsoft Store and Mac App Store if you are an apple user.

Now you can easily message and start a video call to your friends without interrupting, its the same as the mobile app version. It also includes a dark mode as like in the Facebook messenger app. The desktop app for Facebook Messenger has been a long time coming because the developer of the Facebook was working on an app for 2016.

  1. Facebook launches an app for couples to talk to each other

First time, Facebook launched a dating app designed couples. The name of this app is, called Tuned, that encourages couples to create social network relation between each other. Rather than this app doesn’t too much different than any other social network where people can chat directly chat with one another.

For example, you can send to each other memos or voice notes with photos on any messaging app, but Other dating or relationship apps have created the same experiences with some offering activities.

  1. Facebook invests $100M in journalism

According to the news report Facebook has invested $100 million in the news industry at a time for the advertisement of the coronavirus. Publishers are expected it will be hit high to the economic fall out of the novels of the coronavirus outbreak.

The majority of the publishers are attached to The advertising revenue, because companies decrease their marketing budgets during the financial or economic crisis. while on the other sight,  according to the Reuters reported that the coronavirus lost cost billions of dollars in US advertising.

  1. Now Facebook and Instagram to remove coronavirus misinformation

now Facebook will remove all the false stories and conspiracy news about the coronavirus if it risks causing harm to the people who believe that news, the Facebook has announced the policy that applies across both Instagram and Facebook. any kind of Hashtags that are used to spread misinformation on Instagram that will be blocked or restricted permanently.

  1. Now Facebook’s deep fakes ban has some obvious workarounds

We’re used to different social networks in our daily life.so it also comes to the media that known as a  “deepfakes,”. In November, Twitter officially announced a draft policy for deepfakes .while And on Monday, Facebook also officially announced that it would ban all the fake photos and videos from its platform.

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