5 latest new features of twitter

  1. Now Twitter tests the ‘Fleets’ that delete after 24 hours – At the moment This feature is only offered for the Brazilian users, but Twitter says that this feature will be soon released for the other countries. this feature will be more like an Instagram story than an ordinary tweet. Twitter flats will contain text like tweets if you like you can add pictures and life. However, these flats will not appear in users’ news feed and timeline but will appear above the main feed. Replays and reactions on them will appear directly in your inbox. Twitter flats, like Instagram stores. It cannot be embedded on the Internet.
  1. Twitter will give you all control over who can reply to tweets – The waiter will introduce another feature regarding consumer privacy. With this feature, Twitter will give users the option to control the replay. In this way, users can decide for themselves who can replay their tweets. With this feature, users will be able to restrict the reply to only followers or mentions (groups) or people (panels) in the conversation, or anyone (statements). The account does not have to be private. This new control will be rolled out to all users by the end of 2020. You can expect further improvements besides this feature.
  1. Now Twitter will let you pin your favorite lists of app – The lists feature on Twitter didn’t get much buzz. However, this feature is great for watching accounts or the latest tweets from close friends. Twitter has been experiencing some new experiences over the past month. Now Twitter users will be able to make lists more prominent on the home screen. Twitter is experimenting with pinning lists. Twitter users will now be able to access their favorite listings more easily by pinning their favorite listings on the list page. With this feature, users will be able to pin public or custom listings. It is in experimental stages and only a few users of the app can use this feature.
  1. Now Twitter will allow you to add media – Twitter has introduced a new feature for its users. With this feature, Twitter users will be able to add photos, videos and videos to their releases. This will be very easy to do. To use this feature you will need to click on Retweet and then retweet with comment. This will allow users to add photos or other media to the retweet. When retweeting with the media, Twitter will display the original Tweet in a small box with the original author’s oyster. This will show the full size of the image, video, or gesture attached to your retweet. In recent months Twitter has introduced a number of features to improve its platform. This update is being offered to users all over the world on Android, iOS, and Desktop.
  1. Now Twitter shows if a tweet was deleted – With this feature, users will be able to know who has been deleted about any deleted tweet. If the tweet is deleted by Twitter then other users will know that it has been deleted in violation of the tweeting policy. Although this is a small change introduced by Twitter, it shows the seriousness of the company’s transparency. Until now, deleted tweets had no explanation as to why they were deleted, whether they were deleted or another reason for violating the rules. Now if Twitter moderators delete a tweet Then all users will know that this tweet has been deleted in violation of company rules and regulations.

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