5 latest news of Google 2020

  1. Google releases COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports

To prevent its spread, governments around the world are requesting lockdown and social distance from citizens. Google releases the Cod-19 Community Mobility Report to help governments succeed or not. These reports have been released to 131 countries or regions of the world, including Pakistan.

These reports show the difference between before and after the situation in any area, such as parks, transit stations, offices, residential and leisure areas. Google says the data obtained for the preparation of reports does not include users’ personal information. This data is for users who have enabled their location history. This data is retrieved exactly as it is received in Google Maps.

  1. Google announced the cancellation of its annual developer conference

A few weeks ago, Google announced the cancellation of its annual developer conference, I / O. The conference was to be held in California in May. It was canceled in view of the Coronavirus concern. Google wanted to hold this event online, despite canceling the event.

Now Google has announced that they have canceled the online version of the event. That is, Google I / O 2020 is no longer being held.

  1. Google Continued to update its system

Google says they will continue to offer Android and other updates on developer blogs and community forums. In the past two weeks, the government has taken a number of steps to ensure social distance due to the Cod-19 global outbreak.

The idea of ​​such measures is not found in the past. The government has also established a temporary shelter in the Bay Area of ​​California. Google has also terminated the I / O conference in view of the health concerns of its staff and the local community.

  1. The new feature of Google Assistant

Now Google Assistant in Android is more beneficial for those poor reading difficulties. This feature is for all users who are trying to learn new languages. Google has released this feature. , Which will allow Google Assistant to read all web pages on Android devices. Google also said many different features of speech technology have been used in this feature.

To enable this feature, users simply need to say Hey Google, read it or hey Google, read this page while reading articles in the Android browser. Users can also change the reading speed and directly jump to different parts of another page.

These changes in reading speed is best for users who want to learn other languages. By using this feature, You can translate pages that do not available in the local language into 43 other languages. This new feature can also read Greek language pages. This new feature of Assistant is starting to roll out to all Andriod users.

  1. Google will stop supporting Google Apps on Windows

Google announced the end of Chrome Apps in 2016. Four years later, Google has announced a timeline for eliminating Chrome apps from Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. According to this timeline, the Google Chrome Web Store will not accept new apps by June 2022. Then it will make it work for everyone.

Google will stop supporting Google Apps on Windows, Mac and Linux from June, while Chrome OS will stop supporting it by 2021.

Users of Chrome Enterprise and Chrome Education upgrades will be able to use the apps a little longer.

On Windows, Mac and Linux, they will continue to work until later this year while Chrome OS for another year. Google has also launched a hub for developers, where they convert Chrome apps into web apps or Android apps.

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