Amazing technology news of 2020 and coronavirus

  1. Amazon reportedly working on a game streaming platform to compete with Stadia

According to the report Amazon is now starting working on a game streaming platform that compared to Google Stadium and Nvidia’s G-Force Now. The company is also using its cloud computing technology in a different area, Wants to receive.

Interestingly, Amazon has been working on a game called Crucible since 2014, and the company wants to bring in a new game called New World, which will be able to play many players online. The game was launched last month but it was postponed until May 2020 because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

It is also unknown Amazon will launch the game on its platform or introduce it separately fro the all platform.

  1. Facebook Wanted To Buy Spyware From NSO Group To Track VPN Users

According to a report, Facebook tried to buy some tools from a controversial NSO group to track some of its customers. These users were using Facebook’s proprietary Onavo VPN and Facebook wanted to track them with Pegasus Spyware.Other Facebook officials contacted NSO, an Israeli spy company, in October 2017.

NSO’s infamous software may break the Pegasus iPhone gel. This software can install malware on iOS and Android phones. NSO refuses to sell the software to Facebook.

VPN was a very controversial and dangerous app that is owned by Facebook. because It can monitor the users’ phone data such as messages and Internet traffic. Facebook wanted to track the popularity of competing applications with this app. Facebook employees did not want to hear direct users’ phone calls.

So they thought of using Pegasus to capture specific pieces of data for iPhone users using VPNs.The NSO made the statement in a lawsuit by WhatsApp, a subsidiary of Facebook.

  1. Now YouTube default to SD video worldwide for a month

Last week, Google has officially announced that it reduce the default quality SD of all videos in the whole Europ to 480p.

Because the European Union cannot afford to be in the homes of all people at one time and enjoy HD video streaming. Due to the At the Cod-19, YouTube is now 480p increasing the quality of its videos in worldwide.

In a few days all YouTube users all over the world will be able to watch videos for a 1 month in default SD quality. For watch videos in high resolution, you have to increase the resolution each time of the video. Google also believes that it will reduce the pressure on ISPs.The majority of the people all around the world are currently locked up in their homes.

Everyone now using Internet services, but no one heard about the internet shutting down.

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