DevOps Tutorial For Beginners

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Hey Folks! Watch this 10-hour long tutorial on DevOps for Beginners! DevOps can be understood as a combination of software development and IT practices, several aspects of which come from the Agile Methodology. DevOps is a collection of tools, practices and philosophies which is used in an organization to increase its efficiency and effectiveness. It’s used to enhance the ability of an organization to deliver services and applications at a faster pace. Its ultimate goal is to reduce the life cycle of systems development and deliver high software quality continually.

This video starts by guiding you with an overview of DevOps, followed by understanding Source Code Management – GIT and Microsystems and Containerisation – Docker. Following this, we will look into Continuous Integration – Jenkins and Continuous Monitoring – ELK. Finally, we take you through an Introduction of Kubernetes and Deploying a Website Using GIT, Jenkins and Kubernetes. This video teaches DevOps and its key functions and concepts by carrying out simultaneous demonstrations and examples to help you get started on the right foot

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DevOps Tutorial For Beginners

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DevOps Tutorial For Beginners