HTML, JavaScript and Bootstrap Certification Course

  • Course level: Beginner


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Course content

HTML Development

Introduction to HTML
Basic Structure of a Web Page
HTML Head Tags
HTML Body Tag
HTML Paragraph Spacing
HTML Line Breaks
HTML Non-Breaking Space
HTML Header Tags
HTML Text Formatting and Decoration
HTML Inline Text Formatting
HTML Unordered Lists
HTML Ordered Lists
HTML Image Insertion
HTML Embedding Videos
HTML Absolute vs. Relative File Referencing
HTML Link Creation
HTML Anchor Tags
HTML Tables
HTML Nested Tables
HTML Merging Cells
HTML Text Wrapping
HTML Table Background Image
HTML Cell Alignment
HTML – Introduction to Forms
HTML Form Tags and Attributes
HTML Forms – Post vs Get
HTML Forms – Input Text Fields
HTML Forms – Select Menus
HTML Forms – Check Boxes and Radio Buttons
HTML Forms – Text Areas and Buttons
HTML Iframes
HTML Project – Introduction
HTML Project – Header
HTML Project – Callout
HTML Project – Image Insertion
HTML Project – Text Insertion
HTML Project – Links and Form
HTML Project – Tabular Data
HTML Project – Footer

JavaScript Development

DOM Introduction
DOM Manipulation
JavaScript – Introduction
JavaScript Placement
External JavaScript
JavaScript Output
JavaScript InnerHTML
JavaScript Commenting
JavaScript Constants
JavaScript Variables Introduction
JavaScript Assignment Operator
JavaScript Arithmetic Operations
JavaScript Arithmetic Operations Continued
JavaScript Operator Precedence
JavaScript Data Types
JavaScript Objects
JavaScript Object Output
JavaScript Strings
JavaScript String Length
JavaScript String Length
JavaScript Random Numbers
JavaScript Min and Max Function
JavaScript Math Round Function
JavaScript Arrays
JavaScript Array Attributes
JavaScript Arrays – Pop – Push – Shift – Unshift
JavaScript Changing and Deleting Elements
JavaScript Splicing an Array
JavaScript Sorting an Array
JavaScript Joining Arrays
JavaScript Conditional Statements
JavaScript Comparisons
JavaScript Booleans
JavaScript For Loops
JavaScript For-In Loop
JavaScript While Loops
JavaScript Do-While Loop
JavaScript Break and Continue
JavaScript Functions
JavaScript Events
JavaScript Project 1 – BG Color Changer

Bootstrap Development

Introduction to Bootstrap
Embedding Bootstrap
Bootstrap Basic Page Structure
Bootstrap Grid System
Bootstrap Three Column Layouts
Bootstrap Typography
Bootstrap Tables
Bootstrap Styling Images
Bootstrap Jumbotron
Bootstrap Wells
Bootstrap Alerts
Bootstrap Buttons
Bootstrap Button Groups
Bootstrap Justified Button Groups
Bootstrap Glyphicons
Bootstrap Badges and Labels
Bootstrap Progress Bars
Bootstrap Pagination
Bootstrap Pager Pagination
Bootstrap List Groups
Bootstrap Panels
Bootstrap Dropdown Menus
Bootstrap Collapsibles
Bootstrap Collapse Panel
Bootstrap Collapse List Group
Bootstrap Accordian
Bootstrap Tab Menus
Bootstrap Pill Menus
Bootstrap Dynamic Tabs and Pills
Bootstrap Navigation Bar
Bootstrap Collapsible Navigation Bar
Bootstrap Forms – Vertical and Inline
Bootstrap Inputs
Bootstrap Form Control States
Bootstrap Input Sizing
Bootstrap Carousel
Bootstrap Modal
Bootstrap Tooltip
Bootstrap Popover
Bootstrap Scrollspy
Bootstrap Project – Themes Intro
Bootstrap Project – File Overview
Bootstrap Project – Script Overview
Bootstrap Project – Script Overview Cont.