PHP For Absolute Beginners | 6.5 Hour Course

  • Course level: Beginner


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This course is for absolute beginners and will give you a great kickstart to learning PHP.
We’ll first talk about what PHP is and why we should learn it, then we will setup a working environment and start coding

This video covers all the basics:

– How to declare Variables
– How to work with strings, Arrays
– How to work with file System
– How to use cURL to fetch resources
– Object Oriented PHP
– Namespaces
– Composer
– Autoloading
and much more…

At the end of this course we will create a CRUD (CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE) application 3 times. First, we will create it as beginner and see what PHP code looks like without best practices, then we will refactor our application and make it more optimal. We will learn how to use composer, autoloading and we’ll create a mini MVC framework with custom routing and then build the final version of our CRUD application using the framework